Architectural Services Limited

                                         Architectural Services

Services include:

  • Drawings prepared and applications for submission for new dwellings, extensions, agricultural and commercial planning .
  • Site supervision
  • Project management
  • Stage payment certificate
  • Pre purchase Engineers report
  • General surveying
  • Land registry mapping.
  • Preparation of fire certificates
  • Preparation of Disability access certificates
  • Disability auditing
  • Site assessments and percolation tests in accordance with EPA guidelines.
  • Mechanical, electrical and construction drawings.
  • Certificate of Compliance‚Äôs
  • Preparation of snag lists for new dwellings.
  • Preparation of drawings for renewal of public house licence .
  • Drone surveying
  • Certification of buildings in accordance with 2013 Building Control Regulations S.I.80/2013.

The Chartered Building surveyors provide professional advice on property and construction, which spans across residential, commercial, industrial, leisure and agriculture projects. They work on the design and development of new buildings as well as the restoration and maintenance of existing ones. This is a very wide field and may include advising on various aspects of buildings at different stages. They can take on the role of Design and Assigned Certifiers under the S.I.9. Building Control (Amendment) Regulations. Building surveyors often work on preventative measures to keep buildings in good condition and look for ways to make buildings sustainable. The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland is the leading professional body and the administers for the register of Chartered Building Surveyors as named in the Building Control Act 2007 

There are approx. 280 Registered Building Surveyors in Ireland and the list is available here: SCSI Public Registe

here: SCSI Public Register

The Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) is a leading body for professionals specializing in the design, construction, evaluation and maintenance of buildings. Its members practice across the United Kingdom, mainland Europe and around the World, and work in both the private and public sectors. The CABE provides the prime qualification of Building Engineer, a title that exactly reflects the professional expertise of members. The Association was founded with the principal objectives to promote and advance the knowledge, study and practice of each and all of the arts and sciences concerned with building technology, planning, design, construction, maintenance and repair of the built environment and the creation and maintenance of a high standard of professional qualification, conduct and practice and encourage and facilitate co-operation between the construction professions